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Valtari's research service is a cornerstone of middle market M&A's back office. Our team is a catalyst to deal professionals' efforts in gaining industry intelligence, originating deals, and paving a successful path when going to market. 

The deal cycle ebbs and flows, however, we make it easy to avoid this roller coaster. Valtari's clients lever our Full-Time M&A Analyst service to access the necessary tooling and bandwidth required to outpace the competition.

By levering our offerings, we enable M&A professionals to streamline back office operations — while remaining a cost-efficient solution to any in-house alternative. 

Our Full-Time M&A Analyst service affords unfettered access to a Valtari M&A analyst. 

Clients are permitted unlimited research requests each month. Items included:

 • Prospective buyer lists
For sell-side projects, Valtari furnishes prospective buyer identification lists with three-tiers: 1) strategic acquirers operating in a similar industry; 2) strategics operating in complementary industry segments or along the supply chain; and 3) private equity groups/ investors that hold similar portfolio companies.
Buy-side target lists
Valtari identifies synergistic growth and financial targets — we begin with a deep dive industry analysis and subsequently examine your criteria to find the critical mass of potential add-on or platform companies.

Comparables analysis
Valtari researches precedent private M&A transactions, and maintains public company comparable tables that are segmented into peer groups.

Industry research
Are you about to present a pitch to a prospective client on an unfamiliar industry? Or, simply inquisitive how a given market's forces impact your investment opportunity?

Valtari's analysts furnish in-depth industry overviews covering forecasted growth outlook, value drivers/ inhibitors, competitive landscape analysis, supply-chain 
breakdown, operating conditions assessment, key stats & ratios, etc.

We offer the following on a per project basis:

CIMs and Pitch Book Development


  • Accretion dilution analysis
  • WACC
  • DCF

Sell-Side M&A Deal Marketing

  • Teaser preparation
  • Eblast marketing of deal w/ analytics reporting

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