M&A Advisories & Investment Banks

Valtari's research service is a cornerstone of middle market M&A's backoffice. Our team is a catalyst to deal professionals' efforts in gaining industry intelligence, originating deals, and paving a successful path when going to market. 

The deal cycle ebbs and flows, however we make it easy to avoid this rollercoaster. Valtari's clients lever our On-Demand M&A Analyst service to access the necessary tooling and bandwidth required to outpace competition.

By levering our offerings, we enable M&A professionals to streamline backoffice operations — while remaining a cost efficient solution to any in-house alternative. 

Our On-Demand M&A Analyst service affords unfettered access to a Valtari M&A analyst. 

Clients are permitted unlimited research requests each month. Items included:

 • Prospective buyer lists
For sell-side projects, Valtari furnishes prospective buyer identification lists with three-tiers: 1) strategic acquirers operating in a similar industry; 2) strategics operating in complementary industry segments or along the supply chain; and 3) private equity groups/ investors that hold similar portfolio companies.
Buy-side target lists
Valtari identifies synergistic growth and financial targets — we begin with a deep dive industry analysis and subsequently examine your criteria to find the critical mass of potential add-on or platform companies.

Comparables analysis
Valtari researches precedent private M&A transactions, and maintains public company comparable tables that are segmented into peer groups.

Industry research
Are you about to present a pitch to a prospective client on an unfamiliar industry? Or, simply inquisitive how a given market's forces impact your investment opportunity?

Valtari's analysts furnish in-depth industry overviews covering forecasted growth outlook, value drivers/ inhibitors, competitive landscape analysis, supply-chain 
breakdown, operating conditions assessment, key stats & ratios, etc.

We offer the following on a per project basis:

CIMs and Pitch Book Development

  • Securely encrypted web-based, interactive confidential information memoranda (CIMs) and pitch books
  • Presentation features and functionality are delineated in our published news article
  • A hard copy PDF of the presentation is also developed for
    offline viewing


  • Accretion dilution analysis
  • WACC
  • DCF

Sell-Side M&A Deal Marketing

  • Teaser preparation
  • Eblast marketing of deal w/ analytics reporting

Additionally, Valtari's in-house designers and developers can shoulder the following:

Website Development

Valtari understands that websites are predominantly the first touchpoint for your brand and its prospective clients. We create UX designed websites that optimize your visitors online experience whilst allowing you to comfortably administer your site. All designs for websites are tested for responsiveness, i.e., appearance and functionality adapts to desktop browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Brand Identity

  • Logo designed with multi-purpose configurations and addresses social media (LinkedIn & Twitter) size specifications
  • Style guide — a visual identity overview detailing logo usage, color codes, and custom font style
  • Business card design (printing & shipping included)
  • Email signature design

M&A Marketing & Social Media Management

Valtari’s team creates and manages bespoke marketing campaigns for M&A advisories and investment banks. Our objective is to amplify your brand awareness, keep prospects engaged, and optimize your website’s SEO. On a monthly basis, we support clients with the following:

  • Daily LinkedIn post and Twitter tweet on your firm’s behalf
  • One web-based, interactive M&A activity report per month — branded to your firm’s identity. House it on your website, mail via eblast, and share with social media
  • One press release per quarter — disseminated by +1400 websites — including Yahoo Finance

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