About us

Valtari is an established leader within the middle market M&A and private equity space, recognized for its novel deal sourcing and deal preparation solutions.

We proudly serve as a contributing partner to hundreds of firms around the globe — offering unwavering support via our experienced team of M&A professionals, equipped with an array of resources. Our users include: M&A advisories, investment banks, private equity groups, corporate buyers, management consultants, valuation advisors, and M&A attorneys. 

Our mission

Valtari’s mission is simple: To pioneer a path within M&A enabling

our users to gain a competitive advantage whilst operating in a fierce, rapidly evolving environment.

We present a two-fold solution: An intersection of service and tech.

1 / Service

Valtari affords access to a team of adroitly skilled M&A analysts, whom are readily available, on-demand to support deal sourcing and research needs.

2 / Tech

We continuously develop disparate technological solutions that enable users to harness smart data in order to optimally drive decision-making and deal sourcing practices.

Thanks to our partnership with Valtari Exchange, our sister company, dealmakers and investors worldwide can experience the next generation of M&A technology — the world's first one-stop M&A platform. Step into the future, visit to begin.

Who we are

Valtari’s founding team is comprised of experienced professionals hailing from M&A. Since inception, we have been united around a collective motivation to ameliorate the inefficiencies within our industry, championing inventive service and product solutions. Additionally, our group is committed to curating a central hub of publicly accessible educational insights, contributed by Valtari and the M&A “thought leaders” amongst our user network.

Valtari values the rapport we build with each user — realized through our personalized approach, standard of ethics, and attentiveness. We understand each dealmaker has a unique focus. However, success is universally definable for all M&A professionals — source more opportunities and increase the volume of closed deals. Our team is keen to help you reach this destination.

  • Valtari has been a great partner, helping us carry our strategy forward as an extension of our team in Europe. What is unique about working with Valtari is that you are dealing and a company who truly understands business and what you are trying to achieve. True discussions take place and we value their input in fine tuning the deliverables. Valtari provides unique services and market intelligence that you do not find elsewhere. We would not be able to get our information without them.

    — Florence Joffroy-Black, CM&AA, CEO & President
    MedWorld Advisors

  • Valtari has delivered on everything they said they would deliver on for Modjule. We migrated to Valtari after working with a similar firm and the difference is night and day. Its team is extremely fast to respond, manage timing expectations well, and produce quality work. I always know what to expect from them, and I always have been satisfied with their results.

    — Gordon C.C. Liao, Founding Partner

  • Valtari's team seamlessly integrated as an extension of our own team. The Valtari analyst that we work with demonstrates the tactful skill, experience, and workmanship required to successfully support our pitches and deal preparation research. Its team has become a reliable contributing partner to WhiteHorse Partners.

    — Robert Scarlata, Sr. Managing Director
    WhiteHorse Partners

  • — Association for Corporate Growth / AM&AA / European Commission
    Institutional Partners and Membership Alliances