Firms participating in the middle market mergers and acquisitions space operate in a crowded field, all sharing the same major challenges of sourcing proprietary deals, managing their clients' value expectations, and executing M&A transactions.

Valtari understands that the successful firm establishes a competitive advantage by leveraging novel, cost-efficient resources and processes. 

Valtari is the solution

Valtari’s On-Demand M&A Analyst service supercharges its users with a team of expert M&A analysts to support the deal professional’s research and marketing back office operations. The net result is our trusted team allows you to maintain your focus on more value-added activities such as managing relationships with prospective clients and successfully closing deals.

We designed our On-Demand M&A Analyst service to be as flexible as possible. Users can access Valtari’s adroitly skilled analyst team either on an unlimited monthly basis, or for ad hoc projects. Therefore, users gain the benefit of a variable cost structure and flat rate pricing that is measurably less than any internal alternative. 

Our services are tailored to meet the demands of boutique-sized advisory firms to larger organizations. Valtari’s analysts can either replace or supplement a firm’s current analysts and resources — how you choose to integrate us is your decision. Simply, consider us as an extension of your internal team. 

Valtari’s commitment to absolute discretion and confidentiality is unwavering. Valtari’s team is bound to an internal confidentiality agreement, and prior to engagement Valtari will execute a non-disclosure agreement should the client desire.

  • Valtari has been a great partner, helping us carry our strategy forward as an extension of our team in Europe. What is unique about working with Valtari is that you are dealing and a company who truly understands business and what you are trying to achieve. True discussions take place and we value their input in fine tuning the deliverables. Valtari provides unique services and market intelligence that you do not find elsewhere. We would not be able to get our information without them.

    — Florence Joffroy-Black, CEO & President
    MedWorld Advisors

  • Valtari has delivered on everything they said they would deliver on for Modjule. We migrated to Valtari after working with a similar firm and the difference is night and day. Its team is extremely fast to respond, manage timing expectations well, and produce quality work. I always know what to expect from them, and I always have been satisfied with their results.

    — Gordon C.C. Liao, Founding Partner

  • Valtari's team seamlessly integrated as an extension of our own team. The Valtari analyst that we work with demonstrates the tactful skill, experience, and workmanship required to successfully support our pitches and deal preparation research. Its team has become a reliable contributing partner to WhiteHorse Partners.

    — Robert Scarlata, Sr. Managing Director
    WhiteHorse Partners

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    Institutional Partners and Membership Alliances