Corporate Buyers

Corporate development arms turn to Valtari to identify opportunities for inorganic growth and synergistic strategic alliance partners.

Valtari offers a two-fold approach to corporate buyers with its business development service.

  Add-on & platform target identification
Valtari will identify opportunities for inorganic growth — giving consideration to synergistic and financial targets. We begin with a deep dive industry analysis — weighing your investment criteria against industry metrics and projected growth outlook. This provides insight and validation of our charted course. Next, using your parameters, we begin building an exhaustive set of targets until we are confident that we've reached critical mass in numbers.

 • Direct marketing
After the targeting stage, Valtari’s approach centers on maximizing the number of quality opportunities, while reducing the cost per relevant opportunity. Our vetting process provides us with an intelligent shortlist of companies that will be the subject of Valtari's direct marketing campaign.

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