Corporate Buyers

Strategic buyers and corporate development arms lever Valtari to ascertain market opportunity and identify targets that would be ideal financial or strategic growth acquisitions.

We will begin by examining your end goal and what target company parameters are within range to pursue. Valtari’s M&A analysts will develop a list of suitable acquisition targets until critical mass is achieved. 

Valtari’s full menu of service items tailored to corporate buyers follows:

Company Acquisition Research

  • Identify potential targets and validate contact information of appropriate decision-makers 
  • Industry size and growth forecasting
  • Analysis of industry value drivers and value inhibitors
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Outreach campaign management 

Comps Analysis

  • Establishing peer groups to analyze comparable public companies
  • Precedent private M&A transactions

Presentation and Graphics Development

  • Investor presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Value-added content
  • Press releases
  • Social media strategy management 
  • Editorial assistance 
  • Language translations