Questions & Answers

We thought it would be helpful to summarize answers to frequently posed inquiries

What type of deliverables do you commonly develop?

We support our clients with a myriad of activities, including — but not limited to — prospect identification lists (buy & sell-side), comps analysis, in-depth industry reporting, benchmarking valuation data, and validation of key target personnel contact information.

Additionally, on an ad hoc basis we develop interactive, secure HTML-based CIMS, pitch books, and investor presentations. You may also lever us to build complex models, scrub trade show exhibitor lists, or modern design & graphics support. 

We furnish our deliverables to any custom specifications that our clients may have, and to the standard you would expect from an in-house analyst.

How can I make a research request to my Valtari analyst?

Valtari's clients engage us similarly to how they treat an in-house analyst: they email or phone their requests directly to their assigned analyst. You have unfettered access to your dedicated analyst who will be your primary point of contact. Additionally, a number of our clients have found it advantageous to utilize WhatsApp groups or SMS for communicating brief, rapid thoughts.

Who are your analysts?

All of our analysts are full-time workers based out of Valtari's London and New York offices. They possess the educational background, experience, linguistic dexterity, and certifications that our clients would consider requisite for an internal hire.

Can you describe your typical client profile?

Valtari has teamed with hundreds of firms across the globe. The sweet spot of our clients is comprised generally of North America and Europe-based middle market focused private equity and M&A firms — ranging from one-man shops to firms with multiple regional offices.

Our service is ideal for smaller firms that require the necessary industry standard resources and additional bandwidth — while reducing their fixed tooling and labor input costs. Likewise, larger firms lever Valtari to access a tech-enabled analyst team to manage work overflow, decrease the timeline until deal completion, as well as shed fixed research and overhead costs.

Do you offer discount pricing?

We do offer tiered discount pricing for firms that prepay for service agreements that carry a duration of six-months or one-year.

Are your service agreements long-term?

It depends. We ask for a minimum 90-day service agreement, which permits our clients the freedom to cancel upon providing a 30-day written notice. However, naturally the longer we work together the closer rapport we will cultivate; thus, many clients have decided to engage us via Valtari's tiered discounted half-year or full-year contracts.

Is it simple to pause or cancel my service with Valtari?

Yes. You may pause or cancel your account by simply notifying your assigned analyst via email. Upon cancellation, you will receive an invoice for your final 30-day service period. Subsequently, you have no further commitment.

What tools do you use?

Our team is equipped with the gold standard of tooling and Valtari's internal research platform to gather and analyze global industry and mid-market M&A intelligence. We have judiciously assembled an array of tools which complement each other in such a fashion to address the pain points that every industry professional has come to know.

Do you maintain any partnerships with M&A industry associations?

Yes, we provide exclusive member benefits and sponsor conferences with both the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA), as well as the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG).

Do your engagements stipulate success fees?

No. We work on a pay for service model which recuses us from potential conflicts of interest and engenders an environment which incentivizes us to give equal treatment to Valtari's clients.

Do you track time or billable hours?

No. We work on a flat fee model with no restrictions on time or quantity. This has worked well for our clients. At the end of the day, both sides appreciate keeping it simple.

Do you have any specific industry expertise?

Valtari's analysts have supported its clients on deals across a wide spectrum of industry sectors. This has engendered an industry agnostic knowledge base.
  • Valtari has proven to be a superlative leader in the realm of research. Their exact and bespoke work has provided unparalleled service to helping our deal preparation. Their work is on time and, quite simply, very competent. I highly recommend.

    — Anders Karlsson, PhD.
    Director at Credit Suisse

  • Valtari has delivered on everything they said they would deliver on for Modjule. We migrated to Valtari after working with a similar firm and the difference is night and day. Its team is extremely fast to respond, manage timing expectations well, and produce quality work. I always know what to expect from them, and I always have been satisfied with their results.

    — Gordon C.C. Liao
    Founding Partner at Modjule

  • Valtari's team seamlessly integrated as an extension of our own team. The Valtari analyst that we work with demonstrates the tactful skill, experience, and workmanship required to successfully support our pitches and deal preparation research. Its team has become a reliable contributing partner to WhiteHorse Partners.

    — Robert Scarlata
    Sr. Managing Director at WhiteHorse Partners

  • — AM&AA / Association for Corporate Growth / European Commission
    Membership Alliances & Institutional Partners